Introducing Direx v1.0

Introducing Direx v1.0

Last year, we set out to build the perfect all-in-one e-commerce and business management solution tailored to the needs of hospitality businesses in Africa. After many months of testing our initial version and obtaining feedback from current and potential clients during our meetups in Kenya, Rwanda, and Nigeria, we are thrilled to launch a new version of the Direx platform.

This new version has been designed to provide a more user-friendly experience, with improved functionality and performance to help you get the most out of Direx. 

Some of the features and improvements include: 

  • New dashboard
    Our initial version was adequate to get us started, but we quickly realized our merchants needed something more user-friendly and intuitive. So, we developed a new design that is sleek and straightforward, making navigation and comprehension easy. Aside from the new functionalities, Direx v1.0 offers a more comprehensive Booking Management System +CRM – all customer data, bookings, reviews, payouts, and more are displayed in a clear, organized format.
Dashboard - Direx v1.0

  • Improved Customer Communication System –
    You can now send personalized or mass direct messages to your customers through their email addresses straight from your dashboard – no more manual copying and pasting of email addresses!
Communication System - Direx v1.0

  • Offline Bookings
    You can now manually enter the booking details of customers who have paid through offline payment methods (e.g. Bank transfers and cash) into your Direx dashboard.
Offline Booking - Direx v1.0

  • Beautiful Booking Pages
    We understand the significance of a visually attractive, comprehensive, and user-friendly landing page when guests open the link to the booking page you created on Direx. This page is the first thing potential customers will encounter when exploring your packages, so it must offer a superior user experience.
Booking Pages

​​We recognize that transitioning to Direx v1.0 can be difficult, so we have provided various step-by-step video tutorials to aid you in the process. Furthermore, our customer service team is available to answer any inquiries you may have about the updated software at

What next?

If you already have a Direx account, log in to your account here.

If you are an owner of a hospitality business and just hearing about Direx for the first time, and would like to get access to the Direx platform, kindly schedule a demo call here and we will be more than happy to talk more about Direx.