Sell more tickets and accept payments, directly

Boost revenue by converting more guests with fewer clicks. Our payment and booking engine enables you to effortlessly sell tickets and accept payments both online and offline. Whether through your website, social media, or in person, we provide options to enhance your sales process.
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Benefits of using Direx’s Payment and Booking Engine

  • 1

    Revenue growth

    Maximize revenue potential by offering customers a range of payment and booking options. Don't miss out on potential bookings; provide access and flexibility for customers.

  • 2

    Operational efficiency

    With the seamless integration to our efficient back-office management system, we simplify the data flow and streamline your day-to-day reconciliation processes.

  • 3

    Safety and security guaranteed

    By harnessing state-of-the-art encryption technology, we ensure the protection and security of customer data.


Integrate online payment processing into your booking engine

Seamlessly integrate our Booking Engine with your preferred top-tier third-party payment gateways,
optimizing your payment workflows and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Unlock your business potential

Direx is the simplest way to digitise and grow your tourism business.
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