Take bookings and payments directly

Design stunning booking pages with ease and share them through social media or embed them on your website. Accept payments for bookings, both online and offline. Get up and running swiftly to streamline the booking process for your customers.
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We accelerate your business growth.

  • 1

    Revenue growth

    Do not let potential bookings slip away; give your customers access to a variety of payment and booking options.

  • 2

    Operational efficiency

    Thanks to the integration of the payment & booking engine and the back-office management tool, we make your day-to-day reconciliations much easier.

  • 3

    Safety and security guaranteed

    Utilizing the most cutting-edge encryption, customer data is safeguarded and secured.


Integrate online payment processing into your booking engine

Our Booking Engine can be easily integrated with your chosen industry-leading third-party payment gateways, enabling you to streamline your payment processes and increase satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help
you answer some of the more common ones.

Can I accept offline and in-person payments?

Yes, Direx is equipped with offline payment capabilities, allowing you to accept payments in cash, via bank transfers, or through card payments using your preferred POS terminal.

Can I accept online payments?

Yes, Direx is equipped with online payment capabilities. You will need to integrate a payment gateway to use this feature.

Do I need a payment gateway?

To accept online payments and bookings, you need to set up a payment gateway. This service securely processes credit and debit card payments, enabling customers to purchase goods and services over the internet.

Which payment gateway should I integrate?

The answer to which payment gateway will depend on which country your business is located. Currently, Paystack is available for merchants in Nigeria only, and Pesapal is available for merchants in East Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Can I integrate multiple payment gateways?

Currently, you have access to just one payment gateway. As we add more payment gateway integrations to the system, you will be able to use multiple payment gateways simultaneously.

Does the payment gateway support mobile money and mobile wallets?

Yes, both Paystack and Pesapal support mobile money and mobile wallet payments, though some of these features may need to be enabled on your payment gateway account before they can be made available to your customers.

How secure are payment gateways?

The payment gateways integrated on Direx surpass industry security protocols. To learn more about the safety measures employed by each payment gateway provider, visit their respective websites.

What currencies are available on Direx?

The only currencies available are US Dollars, Nigerian Naira, Tanzania Shillings, Rwandan Franc, Kenya Shilling, and Uganda Shillings. If you would like a currency that is not currently available, do kindly send us an email at support@getdirex.com

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