Introducing Multi-Currency Payments

Introducing Multi-Currency Payments

Direx originally only accepted USD for payments and bookings. We are excited to inform you that you can now accept multi-currency payments: USD and your local currency.

We have been talking to some of you and working very hard on this feature for a while now, and we’re incredibly happy with the results thanks to our integration with Flutterwave, a pan-African payment gateway. 

If you want to expand your client base, increase revenue, and build sustainability as a company, you must be able to accept payments in several currencies. The pandemic has shown that the domestic hospitality sector has to be improved. We are thrilled because this is a crucial step in helping you grow your company in your local markets, just as we are currently doing with the international market. We are doing everything we can to make the process as simple as possible for you because we know how difficult it may be to receive payments in different currencies.

When collecting payments from customers, this feature allows you to easily enter the amount and currency of your choosing. The payments will be instantly transferred into your bank account in the currency of your choice, saving you time and effort. To put it another way, if you accept payment in dollars, we will deposit it into your USD account. Similarly, if you accept Naira payment, it will be deposited into your Naira account.

Introducing Multi-Currency Payments

The best part is that using this feature is available for free, and no further training is required. We are rolling out this functionality in phases, and as such, it is currently only available in Nigeria for merchants to accept payments in USD and Naira. It will be available in more countries and currencies in the coming months. In view of this announcement, we have updated our guide on how to create a payment link.

Common Questions

  • Is multi-currency payments only available to Nigerian merchants?
    Yes, Direx multi-currency payment is now only available to merchants in Nigeria (USD and Naira), but we plan to expand it to all of our African markets.

  • Is Direx multi-currency payments enabled automatically for my business?
    It is, indeed. Once your country and local currency have been added to the system, you will be able to use this feature automatically the next time you create a payment link.

  • What is the pricing for local payments?
    Pricing varies per country for local payments. Learn more about pricing for Nigerian merchants here. As we launch in other markets, we will update our pricing table appropriately.

Got Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any suggestions or questions. We are delighted to assist you.